Perspective and Pain, pt 2

I jumped into the frigid water.  I wore a tri-wetsuit, thick swim cap, goggles, and booties for my feet.  Dry-run for the 1.5 Iron-and-a-half-man.  Or wet-run, rather.
I quickly realized this would be the most painful and challenging part of the 24 hour event, and possibly one of the most difficult undertakings of my life thus far.
My honest internal turmoil, as broken down in recipe form:

1 cup I’m not Doing This

2 cups You’ve Got People Counting on You, People to Motivate

1 tsb Am I Event Motivated by This?

1 Handful of F*** It, chopped finely

2 x Peeled and Grated “Nah, This Could Be Fun…in-a-Get-a-Tattoo-while-Fourwheeling kind of way

Mix above ingredients in a large, 40-something degree F lake and add a pinch of Salty, Gritty Let’s-Go.

My face went numb, I couldn’t quite close my mouth.  My fingers went really numb and became half-open claws, which don’t work as well as closed fingers for freestyle.  I had to alternate freestyle and breaststroke to keep my bearing and not get dizzy.

As a general rule, they say you gotta believe in yourself.

I say you gotta weather every emotion between not-knowing and then peeing yourself and then trying anyway and then doubting and then believing.

In our modern world, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel pain or discomfort.  If these feelings are for a good cause, if they’re what’s involved in your mission to becoming something better, or to experiencing something deeper, see them come and let them pass.  They are signs you’re kicking ass.

Photos by Paul Dubiel:


Lake Pflugerville, February 13, 2018.  Test for the Iron Unicycle.  40-something degrees F.

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