Route Map on Google!

If anyone out there is in any of these areas and wants a high-five, let me know.
Phase 1, the City Tour, 2pm-7pm ~58 miles   (loop)
1. Roy Guerrero Disc Golf Course, on trail by water.  Time window 5:30-5:45.

2. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Shoal Creek side near soccer field.  Time window 6:20-6:30.  =

3. (~58 miles) Break #1, short.

Phase 2, Support Crew’s First Nap, 7pm-11pm ~42(!) miles:   (loop)

Checkpoint only for emergency:

Austin Executive Airport. Time window (assuming on schedule): 9:00-9:20

11pm –  Break #2, moderate length and decent meal, hot tea no caffeine.  Cary naps?

 100 miles total.

Phase 3, Third Lap’s the Charm, 11:30pm – 4am, 68 miles:  (**out and back, 58 miles)
Arrive at Support Crew at around 4:00-4:15am, light meal, some caffeine, digest while finishing the last 10 unicycle miles:
10 mile loop, with easy adjustments if less/more than 10   —    —
Target time to finish unicycle portion and drop off unicycle: 4:45-5am
Leave on RUN portion no later than 5am. First run leg will be 9-11 miles depending on swim-runs.
9.1-mi version of run from Support Crew to Austin Marathon Start line:
Pace accordingly to arrive at start of Marathon at 6:50am precisely.  Stretch!

Target pace for Austin Marathon: 4 hours.  Absolute slowest: 5 hours (which would mean 24 hours for whole feat)

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