Daily Grind or Daily Glide?

Work is great, but working out sucks. Sometimes the opposite is true. Sometimes even doing things we normally love is like grinding teeth, or grinding gears. What is your daily grind? Why does it grind? Can it glide instead of grind? Can it be your daily glide?
We call it the daily grind as if it were a truck-trailer grinding down tireless wheels, driving on while ignoring sparks and wasted energy from dragging. Why can’t we stop to fix the tires? Why do we just grind away, sometimes for months and years? Why do we stay at jobs we don’t like? Is the security worth it? Why do we stay with people we don’t love, or better yet, whom we don’t realize we love because we’ve been holding back? Why do we hold back? If something creates friction, can we look it square in the face? Is it literal friction from your bike’s/car’s brake pads rubbing, or inner friction because you keep doing something at complete odds with what you want. Can you cultivate the want for something that’s lost the fun?
How do I grind away when I need to. When it seems as if the grinding originates from friction created because I shouldn’t be doing it, I work towards phasing it out. I phase out the habit or person or mentality. A small percentage of the time, grinding comes about because something needs/wants to be done, or is scheduled, but your energy is simply low. No amount of re-angling mentally or spiritually will get you to a place where you cultivate the WANT. On these days, one of which was today, for most of the day, I grind away because I know it I’ll want it another day. Today I do what my future self will surely believe was best for the sake of consistency and persistence.
I have been training for several months for the first Unicycle Iron Man, February 17th in Austin, TX. Actually, because it’s lined up to culminate with the Austin Marathon February 18th, it’s a 1.5 distance, overnight Iron-and-a-half-man. (Unaffiliated with Ironman ™). These two weeks are the apex of my training, and I can freaking feel it. But I know the heavy load on my body will be built back stronger in the tapering down weeks to come. I know that, so I grind on. When we can’t glide, we grind.


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